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The Villager

icon The Villager

A Village for the Villagers, by the Villagers

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TREE is a happy morning habit that will feed your daily growth.

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Come fare newsletter

I help the people with email marketing. I'm a email marketing advisor

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Minority Report Podcast

Highlighting people of color, women & LGBTQ+ community within business, media and tech.

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icon Ephemerata

A weekly-ish digest of links, ideas, learnings, and sounds that I think are worth sharing.

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Snail Mail Sweethearts

icon Snail Mail Sweethearts

Weekly snail mail prompts, templates for your own mailable art projects, vintage snail mail gems and more.

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School of Thought

icon School of Thought

School of Thought Provides a space to learn and co-create in public. Through visuals, writing, and shared resources, we aim to make big ideas usable, inspire new ideas, and provide a collect

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Zed Letter Day

Take your daily detour with us!

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Market Mix

icon Market Mix

Market Mix is a newsletter focussed on marketing trends across the crypto and fintech industry.

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Web3 Creator

Stay up to date on the Web 3.0 tech world. Subscribe to learn more about the tech, NFT, and crypto worlds from the perspective of creative entrepreneurship. We’ll break down seemingly comp

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The Bizmissive

icon The Bizmissive

The Bizmissive is a newsletter about email marketing with a particular focus on how to use Constant Contact. It comes out 1-2 times a month and has a readership over over 3,500 members.

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The Yoga Letters

icon The Yoga Letters

A bimonthly interactive yoga publication filled with personally curated recommendations and reflections all about mindfulness and the yoga journey. Featuring tailored journal prompts, pre-re

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icon QueerAF

Understand the ever-changing queer world.

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icon CreatorKit

Level up as a creator. Master the art of ideas and how to spread them.

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Big Podcast Insider

icon Big Podcast Insider

A weekly email newsletter to help you grow your podcast, spread your message, and make money podcasting.

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The Wild Dandelion

Weekly musings, herbal recipes & profiles, urban homestead living & BTS in the Apothecary. Written + curated by writer and certified herbalist Debra King.

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Inside Leicester

Local news highlights, What's On, local sport updates, food and drink reviews, weather, and much, much more.

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Sunday Scoop

icon Sunday Scoop

Practical life advice for dog dads, one pawsome quote, and one carefully curated recommendation or link.

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Furlough Weekly

icon Furlough Weekly

The only newsletter that specializes in creating a community around digital marketing and is bringing experts, entrepreneurs, and apprentices together.

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Mind Readers

icon Mind Readers

I write about how to successfully communicate your message. Good communication is all about creating shared understanding. I break down how the best do it.

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Arch Nemesis Movie Reviews

icon Arch Nemesis Movie Reviews

Help me create a new, perfect rating system for movie reviews.

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icon StartupGTM

While building 4 startups, i always felt a need for strategy inputs in Go To Market. So, i decided to help founders, marketers and growth builders through weekly newsletters on GTM strategie

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The Atlas

icon The Atlas

In the Atlas newsletter, author Donatella Caggiano writes about personal stories of transit as told by the in-betweeners: people who live in between different cultures, countries, languages

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YEN.FM — Community, Daily.

An indispensable newsletter for the discerning, community-minded professional; delivered daily in perfectly-sized portions.

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