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Hey, it's Z

icon Hey, it's Z

These are the random thoughts we have all had, yet I am the only one speaking them out loud. Want to know why the cars movie included sidewalks even though there were no people? Let me tell

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Binge Weekly

icon Binge Weekly

Binge Weekly is a conversational news and information newsletter that curates the best content from across major social media platforms. Why spend hour scrolling through Twitter/Instagram/Ti

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Practical Explorer

Cataloging convenient and helpful travel content one step at a time

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low-key obsessed

stuff i’m low-key obsessed with - and probably you are, too.

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Respectful Smartass

icon Respectful Smartass

A funny Friday newsletter flirting with the silly and the serious.

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Duffel Blog

Duffel Blog is the first and only satirical news outlet devoted to the U.S. military community. Since 2012, we have poked fun at generals, lieutenants, and everyone in between while helping

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Is There A Zombie Apocalypse?

Time is crucial. Those who wait to be warned by the mainstream media are zombies already. Don't be a zombie.

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Books on GIF

icon Books on GIF

The animated alternative to boring book reviews.

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Magnetic Ag

icon Magnetic Ag

Know the future of your food chain...with a giggle.

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Serious Tech News

icon Serious Tech News

Last week's serious tech news presented in a not-so-serious way, only for serious tech people.

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Neural Notions

🚀 The fun side of A.I. ⏰3 minute daily AI lowdown delivered with punchlines

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