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The High Five

icon The High Five

Short reads that help us live with more intentionality

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The Thinking Investor

icon The Thinking Investor

Important lessons from the best investors.

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Complexity Condensed

icon Complexity Condensed

Complex topics explained in exactly 500 words.

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The Starfire Codes

icon The Starfire Codes

Survival, metaphysics, media, and the truth.

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The Astukari Newsletter

icon The Astukari Newsletter

The Astukari Newsletter is a curated list of worthwhile content by writer Jacob Robinson. Every two weeks get the best in psychology, business, investing, and more in an email that takes about two minutes to read. Optimizing for the most “revelations per minute” on the internet.

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Social Studies

icon Social Studies

News & analysis from Tech Twitter and Social Sciences.

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Contemporary Idiot

icon Contemporary Idiot

The contemporary world, as seen through the eyes of a Contemporary Idiot.

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The Quip - Cody Tucker

icon The Quip - Cody Tucker

Marketing expert and student of the humanities Cody Tucker writes in plain English to explain the inner workings of the mind, connecting the great works of psychology and philosophy to prese

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White Noise

icon White Noise

A weekly missive in which I write about books, behavior, and the brain. Tune in 📻. Click to read White Noise, by Tom White, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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House of Leadership

Join 5900+ Leaders getting high-quality and honest actionable leadership tips from a day in the life of a senior leader directly to your inbox.

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Rich Tales

Rich Tales is collection of Powerful Ideas and Cool Stories. Some from me and many from others that will inspire you, make you think and think differently. Join me in discovering Rich Tal

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Create Soul Space

icon Create Soul Space

Breaking free of domestic abuse and creating the space to become YOU again. Resources, support, and information on intimate partner violence, with an empathetic spiritual twist.

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James Clear

icon James Clear

Self-improvement tips based on proven scientific research

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Investment Books

icon Investment Books

Receive awesome snippets related to Investing and Life from Brilliant Books

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That’s Philosophical

Our lives are full of clutter. Get refreshing ideas powered by ancient philosophies to help you navigate the mess. Allow your mind to relax in a world that can’t take a break.

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Homo Imaginari

icon Homo Imaginari

Popular social science thinking for curious folks.

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The Senior Mindset Series

Get a series of curated essays on the mindset of a senior software engineer. What it takes to get there, what should you do when you're there, how to change the way you think.

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Polymathic Being

icon Polymathic Being

Counter intuitive insights from technology, innovation, philosophy, psychology, and more.

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The astukari Newsletter

icon The astukari Newsletter

Essential Insights in a Small Package.

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The Thought Bubble

icon The Thought Bubble

The Thought Bubble is a quick and compact newsletter that gets you thinking about popular self help concepts, so you can constantly be working and improving to be your best self.

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Exploring Sobriety

Exploring Sobriety is a weekly newsletter about addiction and recovery. It's for anyone who is thinking about quitting an addiction, has already gotten sober, knows someone who is struggling

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Thinking Ahead

Curated curiosity, or an exploration of ideas in science, philosophy, and technology.

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Today I Learned

A daily newsletter where I share my notes on habits, productivity, and learning

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Newdigate Insights

icon Newdigate Insights

Investment management is hard. The soft stuff is the hardest part.

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