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Mule Britannia!

Mule Britannia! tells interesting stories, set against detailed context, about a culturally significant moment from the

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Sikh Freedom Movement

Posts about the Sikh freedom movement, and the many people, actions, and battles of the movement.

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Daily Classic Art

icon Daily Classic Art

Every day a bite of Classic Art delivered in your email box

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Lupus Yonderboy

Strange, illuminating and relevant history: African kingdoms in the New World, the madness of the bubonic plague, Tokugawa Japan's decision to abandon the gun.

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The Lunar Dispatch

icon The Lunar Dispatch

The latest news—and thoughtful ruminations—on the Moon.

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Sports Stories

icon Sports Stories

Exploring sports and history at the intersection of everything. Written by Eric Nusbaum and illustrated by Adam Villacin. Tuesdays. Click to read Sports Stories, by Eric Nusbaum, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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icon Histories

Histories is a free weekly email exploring hidden corners of history through diaries, letters, articles and memoirs of the past. Fascinating lives and events recorded first hand!

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icon BrainFeed

BrainFeed is an educational and entertaining newsletter that helps you improve your general knowledge and understand the world in 4-minute bites. Each article distills one important topic yo

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Complexity Condensed

icon Complexity Condensed

Complex topics explained in exactly 500 words.

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The Charrette

icon The Charrette

Where art, history, politics & public opinion meet.

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Drop the Needle - Music Literature and Repertoire Newsletter on Substack

icon Drop the Needle - Music Literature and Repertoire Newsletter on Substack

A weekly list of curated music literature and repertoire, and amazing performances for keeping your ear well-rounded and laser-sharp.

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Story Cauldron

icon Story Cauldron

Exploring places where intriguing and quirky storytelling exists in the real world

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icon TypeTown

A fortnightly newsletter celebrating the typewriter’s place in modern (and not-so-modern) culture.

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icon PowerNotes

daily bite-sized ideas and notes that matter

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History Bits

Give me 5 minutes on a weekly basis and I'll teach you little bit of history

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Arthinkal Magazine

icon Arthinkal Magazine

Arthinkal Magazine is a weekly online magazine that publishes brief biographies of influential personalities from all walks of life and articles on interesting subjects.

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Homo Imaginari

icon Homo Imaginari

Popular social science thinking for curious folks.

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Eleanor's Iceberg

icon Eleanor's Iceberg

Learn obscure history & science using fantasy fiction as a framing device.

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Authentic, well researched stories across multiple genres that will help you story you point. I am a Story Coach and I work with leaders and organisations to help them tell their stories bet

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Ball and Order

icon Ball and Order

Sports stories from the past. Sports analysis for the present. Click to read Ball & Order, a Substack publication. Launched 2 years ago.

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Zat Rana

icon Zat Rana

Expressing the nuances of the human condition

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Unintended Consequences

icon Unintended Consequences

systems | complexity | second-order effects

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icon Obliqueville

Obliqueville is meant to test out the idea that the world can best be understood obliquely, through odd margins and off-kilter lenses.

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Passport History

Tom's website is a goldmine of passports and their history.

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