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Lake Norman Moves

icon Lake Norman Moves

Lake Norman is a man-made lake north of Charlotte, NC and acts as the cultural and recreational hub for the region.

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icon Placeful

Placeful is a weekly newsletter exploring sense of place, sustainability, and how and why we should nurture our connection to the places that define us, for the betterment of our communities

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icon Bord

The stories and personalities behind Copenhagen's food and drink scene

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Inside Leicester

Local news highlights, What's On, local sport updates, food and drink reviews, weather, and much, much more.

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Weekend Picks Montreal

Your Weekly Guide to Weekend Fun

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STL Sidekick

icon STL Sidekick

A weekly email that highlights St. Louis' local businesses, restaurants, breweries and recent news in a quick, easy to read fashion.

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The Deleted Scenes

icon The Deleted Scenes

Urbanism, culture, idiosyncrasy. Treating the built environment and urban design as fundamental issues that affect everybody. Looking with insight at ordinary, everyday places.

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Ron of Kochi

Longform articles by a newbie journalist from the city of Kochi. Covers news, politics, culture, and more.

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Miami Letter

icon Miami Letter

The Miami Letter delivers free news and analysis from one of the most news-rich cities in the United States. Our letter is a daily digest of what’s happening in Miami delivered to your inb

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Midway Minute

icon Midway Minute

THE Chicago sports newsletter. Exclusive opinion and analysis in your inbox every weekday morning.

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Humanity Centred XYZ

icon Humanity Centred XYZ

Best practice(s) about (tech) products, services and initiatives that are putting humanity first, not just profit.

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The Red Haired Stokie

icon The Red Haired Stokie

Unravelling the secrets of Staffordshire's past & sharing the random day-to-day ramblings of my life

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The Weekly Briefing, by Great Central Gazette

The Weekly Briefing newsletter! Every week, we'll bring you a curated selection of the most important news stories and events from around Leicester. An expert team of writers and researchers

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Eleven Names Project: Open Notebook

icon Eleven Names Project: Open Notebook

Weekly notes on enslaved life in Massachusetts and New England

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California Sun

icon California Sun

All of the must-read news about the Golden State in one place

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Paradise Calling

icon Paradise Calling

TRAVEL SMARTER, TRAVEL BETTER. Get the weekly newsletter that helps you plan your travels better. Take the first step towards your travel bucketlist. Delivered to your inbox for free.

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