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Positively Lovely Marketers

icon Positively Lovely Marketers

Every email we send is crafted with love, information and opportunities for connection for marketers. All sent to 19,000+ marketers on the regular.

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Baking Together

icon Baking Together

Tools for people who bake and share what they make.

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Personal Brand Brief

icon Personal Brand Brief

A hyper-applicable weekly newsletter delivering you the top tips, tools, and trends to grow your personal brand. Helping you become trustable, relatable, and searchable online.

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The Social Work Newsletter

The weekly newsletter for all things social work. Features the latest news, research, and policy changes.

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The TueDo List

icon The TueDo List

Put on the comfy pants and settle in to The TueDo List — a weekly compendium of pop-culture must-reads, stuff we’re obsessed with, and storytelling from women 40+. Brought to you by the

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Serious Games Jobs weekly digest

icon Serious Games Jobs weekly digest

Have game development skills? Find work and apply them beyond traditional games.

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You Are Not Alone

icon You Are Not Alone

Helping you through isolation with positive tales of communities, tips & more

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icon Rosieland

A weekly newsletter for people who like to build communities

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Charities Network

icon Charities Network

Actionable insights from charities and not-for-profit specialists.

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Erica Drayton, The Storyteller

icon Erica Drayton, The Storyteller

Short fiction and one writers journey to becoming a self-published author.

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Leadership Garden

icon Leadership Garden

A newsletter and a community for engineering leaders

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Community Weekly

icon Community Weekly

A curated newsletter with news, tools & researches sent out weekly to make your

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Thoughts, ideas and perspectives

Perspectives which matter via social commentary, how to articles and being optimistic.

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Stretch Your Twitter Footprint Narrow down your focus and grow your Twitter audience with these actionable steps

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Hello Remote

A weekly newsletter that highlights hand-picked marketing jobs at companies that are remote-first and remote-only. I'm a LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work and a Senior Content Writer at S

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low-key obsessed

stuff i’m low-key obsessed with - and probably you are, too.

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Mel Makes

icon Mel Makes

A friendly newsletter sharing the things I make.

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Led by Community

icon Led by Community

The Newsletter for Community Pros

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The Technical Writer's Career Guide

icon The Technical Writer's Career Guide

Insider career tips from a senior technical writer.

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The Soundwave

icon The Soundwave

News From the Open Podcast Community

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Sunday Scoop

icon Sunday Scoop

Practical life advice for dog dads, one pawsome quote, and one carefully curated recommendation or link.

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Remote Work Revolution

icon Remote Work Revolution

Your guide to life as a remote developer, complete with tech news, travel/finance tips, and new job postings every week!

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Save Our Happy Place

icon Save Our Happy Place

Making It Easy For You Protect the Places You Love from Climate Change

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