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Still Small Voice

Music Reviews, Interviews, Listicles, Playlists, News and Opinion Pieces covering genres like Indie, Electronic, Ambient

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Weekly Cup of Joe

Just a simple guy from Memphis, TN that listens to weird music. Sometimes I write about it.

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Oh My Rockness NYC

icon Oh My Rockness NYC

NYC's indie concert calendar.

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Fog Chaser

icon Fog Chaser

Original instrumental music, photos, poetry, and inspirations.

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Fog Chaser

Moments of calm — in the form of original musical and visual explorations — delivered to your inbox once per month from a Pacific Northwest-based music composer.

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Front Row & Backstage

Music exploration, commentary, analysis, and exclusive interviews! Plus, discover what it was like hanging with Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel, Ramones, Sex Pistols & more!

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25 on 25

icon 25 on 25

25 new monthly song recommendations.

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icon Anime-Internet

views, reviews & thoughts

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Flow State

Every weekday, two hours of music perfect for working

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Drop the Needle - Music Literature and Repertoire Newsletter on Substack

icon Drop the Needle - Music Literature and Repertoire Newsletter on Substack

A weekly list of curated music literature and repertoire, and amazing performances for keeping your ear well-rounded and laser-sharp.

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Stay Sharp or Be Flat

icon Stay Sharp or Be Flat

Elevate your listening experience (without the need to read or write music).

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AisleOne Digest

AisleOne Digest is a weekly newsletter on design, film, photography, music, and culture.

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On Repeat

icon On Repeat

Future classics & forgotten gems. On Repeat is a newsletter for people tired of being fed music via algorithm. It's like your favorite music magazine but without the Toyota ads.

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7 for Seven

icon 7 for Seven

Weekly links on writing and creativity, with a ridiculous cartoon.

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Five Good Things

icon Five Good Things

Get 5 quality pieces of culture I’m enjoying.

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Opera Daily

icon Opera Daily

An email that makes you love opera.

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weekly micing & mastering tips

The best place to get knowledge and release your sounds potential.

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icon Noted

A newsletter designed to help you get better at music faster.

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What's Curation?

One song every day, genre no bar.

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Biggroove Music

icon Biggroove Music

Biggroove Music is a mailing list for House music and EDM lovers.

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Arthinkal Magazine

icon Arthinkal Magazine

Arthinkal Magazine is a weekly online magazine that publishes brief biographies of influential personalities from all walks of life and articles on interesting subjects.

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Make Believe Mailer

icon Make Believe Mailer

The latest on Japanese music, from city pop to contemporary electronic.

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Platform & Stream

icon Platform & Stream

A daily newsletter about the music streaming business

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Cultural Reads

icon Cultural Reads

Cultural Reads is a bi-weekly newsletter with books, music, and movie tips from all around the world as well as interviews with international creators and useful tools to discover your next

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