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A weekly dispatch for misfits and unlikely optimists.

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Paths Less Trodden

icon Paths Less Trodden

Interviews with entrepreneurs, writers, adventurers, athletes, creators - but those who have taken a path less trodden, are carving out the future in unusual ways and typically have contrari

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Wavve Audio Insider

Get better at podcasting. Join 180,000+ others who depend on the Wavve Audio Insider newsletter to take their podcast and audio marketing to the next level.

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Platform & Stream

Essential roundup of music streaming news.

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Podcast Bestie

A weekly newsletter and best friend to podcasters seeking jobs, industry info, craft tips, marketing strategies, and creative inspiration.

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Crossing Topanga

Political/Historical Non-Fiction Serialized Book, Short Stories and Musings...All available in text or audio

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Open The Mic Newsletter

icon Open The Mic Newsletter

News, information and tips about podcasting you may have missed.

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Podyssey Picks

icon Podyssey Picks

Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every Sunday — handpicked by our community of podcast lovers, not algorithms.

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icon Sunlighter

Get byte-sized music news and discover the next big artist with our weekly music round-up.

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G.A.S. Newsletter

icon G.A.S. Newsletter

Asking music makers about their gear 🎛, creativity 🎶 and life.

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What's Curation?

One song every day, genre no bar.

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Great Pods

icon Great Pods

A weekly podcast newsletter that recommends shows or episodes based on critic and listener reviews!

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Album Daily

Like getting a new record everyday.

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Building an Indie Business

icon Building an Indie Business

Newsletter that sends Building an Indie Business podcast episodes directly to your inbox

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Fog Chaser

Moments of calm — in the form of original musical and visual explorations — delivered to your inbox once per month from a Pacific Northwest-based music composer.

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Big Podcast Insider

icon Big Podcast Insider

A weekly email newsletter to help you grow your podcast, spread your message, and make money podcasting.

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icon Podmmunity

All things podcastings

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Romantic Audio Club

Get our free, Romantic Audio Shorts direct to your inbox 🎧

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weekly micing & mastering tips

The best place to get knowledge and release your sounds potential.

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