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Good Book/Good Bread

icon Good Book/Good Bread

Review a book I love with a delicious bread.

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icon LitNuts

Crazy About Books. LitNuts was created to bring the "best of the indies" to booklovers. Our newsletter includes great works of fiction and nonfiction, plus collections of short stories, essa

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icon PowerNotes

daily bite-sized ideas and notes that matter

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The Chomp

icon The Chomp

The Chomp is a biweekly breakdown and analysis of the best strategic thinking content and top emerging business trends from the internet and beyond. You can expect to find a mix of sub-topic

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Pop Rocks

icon Pop Rocks

Writing about what's new and trending in pop culture, plus a few things that make you go hmm. I'll also share what I'm reading, watching, and thinking (not necessarily in that order).

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Reading Under the Radar

icon Reading Under the Radar

Reading Under the Radar brings you a weekly book recommendation you (probably) haven't heard of, focusing on books that flew under the media radar, from independent presses, from historicall

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Five Good Things

icon Five Good Things

Get 5 quality pieces of culture I’m enjoying.

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The Neary Review

The Neary Review is a free weekly dispatch from Jack Neary with personal takes on the topics affecting Millenials: jobs, dating, family, art, culture, and other newsworthy events.

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The High Five

icon The High Five

Short reads that help us live with more intentionality

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STOP. KISSING. FINN. by Jenessa Connor

icon STOP. KISSING. FINN. by Jenessa Connor

STOP. KISSING. FINN., a serialized, YA novel, is the story of Charlie Wolfe, a High School senior suddenly ghosted by her best and only friend. She immerses herself in an independent study w

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Hugh Wesley's Short Stories

Uplifting short stories for trying times.

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Authentic, well researched stories across multiple genres that will help you story you point. I am a Story Coach and I work with leaders and organisations to help them tell their stories bet

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icon TypeTown

A fortnightly newsletter celebrating the typewriter’s place in modern (and not-so-modern) culture.

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Tales from the Defrag

icon Tales from the Defrag

Weekly speculative short fiction and a newsletter about my journey to the next chapter of my dystopian novel SPHEREAN.

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Crooked Reads

A monthly collection of three bite-sized book reviews on a theme from a professional book person.

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Clove & Moose

Clove & Moose is an optimistic fantasy story in a dystopian setting. Clove is a witch. At least, she used to be, until the Cataclysm turned the skies orange, left the land barren, and su

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Simple Ideas For An Extraordinary Life. Click to read Prometheus' Idealetter, by Kundan, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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Super Self

icon Super Self

Get the weekly digest of the most interesting self improvement news and content.

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Cultural Reads

icon Cultural Reads

Cultural Reads is a bi-weekly newsletter with books, music, and movie tips from all around the world as well as interviews with international creators and useful tools to discover your next

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Read a Girl

icon Read a Girl

When was the last time you read a book written by a woman?

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The Bleeders

icon The Bleeders

A podcast + newsletter about writing & publishing.

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Frgmnts by Benny Bowden

icon Frgmnts by Benny Bowden

Every Tuesday morning, I publish an unpolished piece of my poetry (usually just a line or two) — a “fragment” — with a little background. These are the fleeting expressions of though

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The Novelleist

icon The Novelleist

Serial novels by Elle Griffin—and a newsletter about writing them.

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Martiniere Stories

icon Martiniere Stories

Welcome to Martiniere Stories! This is the home for all things Martiniere, including short works and rough draft serialized novels. Weekly story post on or around Fridays.

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