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The Content Technologist

icon The Content Technologist

Breaking down how algorithms see content. Building up more effective content operations. Content marketing, strategy, UX and SEO. New issues weekly on Thursdays.

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Copy Secrets

icon Copy Secrets

Every fortnight we scour the internet for the best creative words and brands. We curate their best ideas and secrets, their best work and ours. If you want to work out how to connect, persu

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The Technical Writer's Career Guide

icon The Technical Writer's Career Guide

Learn how to land and thrive in a technical writing job using these tips and tricks from a senior software technical writer.

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The Nomad Weekly

icon The Nomad Weekly

Sign up to get the best travel tips, destination diaries, credit card hacks, writing guides, and more directly from a full-time digital nomad.

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🚀BizHub es la Newsletter que leen +2000 apasionados del Marketing Digital. ¡Únete gratis a BizHub y recibe 2 emails a la semana!

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Evgeny Lepekhin

icon Evgeny Lepekhin

I write about editing, design and management.

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The Business Builder

icon The Business Builder

A weekly roundup of the best small business building links, tips, and advice on the web.

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Research for Writers and Other Curious People

icon Research for Writers and Other Curious People

Bi-monthly newsletter covering research tips and ideas with fun interviews for writers.

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The Editing Spectrum

icon The Editing Spectrum

Where an autistic editor explores belonging, healing and expression. Get incisive, heart-centered guidance for your half-written newsletters and dusty drafts from Amanda Hinton, developmenta

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Come fare newsletter

I help the people with email marketing. I'm a email marketing advisor

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The Writing Rundown

Want to learn all the things about becoming a better writer, lifestyle and mindset for entrepreneurship, and be a vaguely more well-rounded person at the end of the day? ​ We compile some

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The Author Stack

The Author Stack sits at the intersection of craft and commerce, helping writers build more sustainable businesses that allow them to thrive while creating work that lights them up inside. W

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Marketing Matters Weekly

icon Marketing Matters Weekly

The best 5-7 links with actionable marketing ideas.

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The Booketlist

icon The Booketlist

A weekly 5-minute summary of the best business, leadership and self-improvement books with main takeaways, actionable advice and thought-provoking quotes.

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Content Writing Jobs

icon Content Writing Jobs

Find the best content writing jobs to work from home, remotely, freelance, contract, and full-time. Join our weekly newsletter to receive writing opportunities straight to your inbox.

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Digital Nomads

Subscribe to Equip yourself with the Best Writing Tools & Resources to Upskill and build a Personal Brand Online

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NC Newslatter

icon NC Newslatter

FREE ChatGPT + Twitter Mastery Course Join now! Top-notch marketing, copywriting, and startup news, along with valuable tips and tools, are delivered straight to your inbox.

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Into the Storymaze

Storytelling whats, wows and how-tos from comic book writer and advertising creative D.G. Chichester. New stories and essays, storytelling recos across books, movies and games, and a look ba

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The Fancy Comma Newsletter

icon The Fancy Comma Newsletter

Welcome to The Fancy Comma, LLC Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to serve as a resource for freelance writers. We’ll talk about what has helped us succeed in the freelance wri

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Really Good Emails Newsletter

We send you the best emails, designs, and links twice a week with emails that surface the best of the email world, curated by RGE, and stuff to make you a better email human.

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The Content Odyssey

icon The Content Odyssey

Every other week I discuss one tried-and-tested B2B content experiment. No fluff. Can save your content.

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The Daily Lead

icon The Daily Lead

A daily dispatch of the best freelance leads from around the web.

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My Home Office Hacks

icon My Home Office Hacks

A virtual water cooler for remote folks.

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Frgmnts by Benny Bowden

icon Frgmnts by Benny Bowden

Every Tuesday morning, I publish an unpolished piece of my poetry (usually just a line or two) — a “fragment” — with a little background. These are the fleeting expressions of though

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