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Rediscovered Realms

icon Rediscovered Realms

Rediscovered Realms newsletter reconnects you with old-school heroic fantasy worlds of epic role-playing games, unearthed books & magazines, forgotten gamebooks, enchanting art, and the

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GameDev’s Journey

icon GameDev’s Journey

Game development is tough. Let’s make it easier.

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Weekly Gaming News and Entertainment!

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Adventure Snack

icon Adventure Snack

Turn your inbox into an adventure with interactive stories.

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icon Valadria

Valuable game development insights with a focus on solo game development. From Matt Hackett, author of How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself.

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It's Payne!

icon It's Payne!

A video games weekly recap that helps you to stay updated and sane. Just news that really matters, shot to you every Saturday in bullet time.

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The Week in Games

Keep up to date with the latest video game news, plus new releases for the week and the week ahead, deals, recommended articles, crowdfunding campaigns and more... every Friday!

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The Spatial Edition

icon The Spatial Edition

Everything you need to know about the advancements in VR, AR, XR and Spatial Computing. It's read by CEOs of top VR companies, Employees at Meta & Snap, VR Content Creators and tech enth

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icon Paradox

The best and worst in pop culture.

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Football Manager Projects

This is a daily blog chronicling my Football Manger Addiction.

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1 Tip a Day

icon 1 Tip a Day

Helping NFT owners get the most from their NFTs.

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Serious Games Jobs weekly digest

icon Serious Games Jobs weekly digest

Have game development skills? Find work and apply them beyond traditional games.

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Weekly Gaming Digest by Void0

icon Weekly Gaming Digest by Void0

Interesting Bits from the Gaming Space

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Boba Publishing

Proper Game Journalism, Reviews, & Many Others!

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Quest for Code

Newsletter about software development, video games, and technology in general.

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The Week in Games

icon The Week in Games

The latest in the video game industry.

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Crypto Player One

icon Crypto Player One

Covering the intersection of gaming, crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse 3 times a week.

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Video Game Union Newsletter

A systematic attempt to unionize the game-making industries. Come for the aggregated union news, stay for the acidic commentary.

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The Baseball Replay Journal

icon The Baseball Replay Journal

Taking baseball simulators far too seriously.

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Game & Word

icon Game & Word

The Curious Gaming Newsletter

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icon TL;DR on CS:GO

The Easiest Way to Stay on Top of the CS:GO Pro Scene News & Matches.

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The Gaming Pub

icon The Gaming Pub

The Gaming pub is a weekly newsletter made up of hand-curated links. Content ranges from interesting articles on the news front, interesting discussions and opinions, Dev/Design-related info

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The Morning Owl

icon The Morning Owl

Random projects from a wannabe writer.

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The Arcade Artificer

icon The Arcade Artificer

Learn how the best games entertain their players.

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