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Healthy Living Tips

Daily Tips for Health, Motivation, and Weight Loss

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The Business Inquirer

icon The Business Inquirer

Every week I highlight interesting online businesses which are for sale adding my own commentary. This newsletter is for those who are interested in business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

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icon Lesspectations

An anti-hustle approach to entrepreneurship for busy moms

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icon NoCommute

We’ll deliver remote job openings that have been posted for less than 24 hours to your inbox every day. They’ll cover a range of companies, backgrounds, and skill sets, so you can find t

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Remote Letter

icon Remote Letter

Stuff for digital nomads, freelancers, & WFH employees.

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The /r/Signupsforpay Insider

icon The /r/Signupsforpay Insider

The only newsletter that pays you! Sign up from a selection of multiple offers, from banking accounts to food delivery services, and after successful completion, get venmo or cashapp paymen

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Part Time

icon Part Time

Weekly freelancing, content creation, and work-life balance tips. New subscribers get the Effortless Blogger Guide.

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Cranky Guide to Writing

icon Cranky Guide to Writing

A curmudgeon's guide to making it as a Real Writer (TM)

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The Worklist Digest

icon The Worklist Digest

Weekly digest of creative jobs opportunities offered remotely.

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Maker Stations

icon Maker Stations

Home office setups from makers across the globe.

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Want to get more out of Alexa? Get a free email newsletter with one actually awesome use for Alexa.

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Content Writing Jobs

icon Content Writing Jobs

Find the best content writing jobs to work from home, remotely, freelance, contract, and full-time. Join our weekly newsletter to receive writing opportunities straight to your inbox.

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Feminist Founders

icon Feminist Founders

A newsletter for equity-centered entrepreneurs who want their business to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.

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Wildly Successful Travelpreneurs 🗺️

A weekly newsletter sharing a curated collection of paid opportunities & useful resources for travelpreneurs who want to create a freedom lifestyle.

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The Nerdy Parent

icon The Nerdy Parent

Fun strategies for intelligent parents!

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The Shift

icon The Shift

The Shift: Humanising the new worlds of work 🤖 A weekly-ish newsletter on our work-from-anywhere future and making a living online.

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3 ideas on Sunday

icon 3 ideas on Sunday

A new Side Hustle idea every Sunday!

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The Stakeholder Report

icon The Stakeholder Report

Weekly newsletter covering Project Management, Leadership, and Business. Keep moving forward.

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Breaking Freelance

icon Breaking Freelance

Daily newsletter with advice how to get out of 9-5 grind, and boost your Freelance career.

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Incite & Velocity

The newsletter for home based business owners who are frustrated with working hard without seeing the success they deserve. Unlock the secrets to transforming your biz into a profitable onl

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Unstick your one-person business. Create the growth you’re looking for: get 4 detailed, practical resources, once a week, on how to unstick your business.

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A Secret Millionaire

This newsletter helps you gain exclusive insights, actionable strategies, and expert guidance that will propel you towards a brighter financial future. Don't wait – your journey to financi

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Gerard’s Smart Home Newsletter

Every Sunday morning I send out a weekly digest of curated smart home news stories and a smart home voice command of the week.

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The Restart Report

icon The Restart Report

The best career advice on the planet - delivered weekly. THE RESTART REPORT is a free, weekly newsletter that connects job seekers with news, trends, information, resources (free and paid),

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