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Talks about being diagnosed with ADHD & ASD at 36. Gay guy living in South East of Ireland, also have Multiple Sclerosis and really bad spelling.

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Snarky Senior

icon Snarky Senior

Snarky Senior" is for those of us who qualify for a senior discount, but aren’t content with the crap we can buy with it. Subscribe for an irreverent take on life, culture, media, aging, h

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Red Pills & Doughnuts

icon Red Pills & Doughnuts

A newsletter that's basically a space for stories and conversations about writing, the world and humans.

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Electoral Affairs

icon Electoral Affairs

News*letter on Electoral Affairs, Human Rights, and Democracy.

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Black History Quiz

icon Black History Quiz

Subscribe to the weekly newsletter Black History Quiz to discover inspirational, lesser-known and controversial information about a proud people. It takes more than a month to learn our hist

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Politically Invisible Asians

icon Politically Invisible Asians

A newsletter deciphering the paradox of the fastest-growing, yet politically invisible Asian-American.

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She Dares To Say

icon She Dares To Say

Almaz Ohene is a multi-disciplinary writer and creative working across sexuality education, journalism and branding. Much of her work centres marginalised voices, as she’s committed to tak

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a newsletter for the curious and smart people

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Brent and Michael Are Going Places

A gay digital nomad couple left America four years ago and have been traveling the world ever since.

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icon QueerAF

Understand the ever-changing queer world.

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Gem Class

Life hacks + advice from everyday women in your community.

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Minority Report Podcast

Highlighting people of color, women & LGBTQ+ community within business, media and tech.

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Boardroom Secrets and Invitations Magazine!

icon Boardroom Secrets and Invitations Magazine!

How to get on the board table and stay there! Learn Boardroom Secrets from Executive Education MBA Prof. Yusuf Azizullah, Boardroom Influencer, Board of Directors, CEO, and former Big 4 &

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Normal voices

icon Normal voices

A weekly feel-good newsletter, filled with an anonymous conversations with people from all walks of life. The topics appear naturally in the conversation and are not filtered. By taking away

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Life Skills for Leadership

Invest in your personal & professional development. Fine tune coaching strategies to successfully lead others to navigate and innovate the ever changing climate of our world of work.

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Goalside Gossip

The #1 free women's soccer newsletter for all things games, gossip and goals. Subscribe to get the biggest stories 📚 and highlights 🌟.

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Superpowers for Good

If you are working to make the world a better place, you are one.

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The Mighty News Feed

icon The Mighty News Feed

Every Friday, we curate the latest news from Council 12240 and fellow Knights from around Florida. In addition, we curate National and Florida Catholic webinars and events. For in-depth news

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