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How to create RSS Feeds from any webpage

As someone who loves RSS and follows the current trends I have noticed that every few weeks an article is written about whether or not RSS is dead.

I can tell you a secret: RSS isn't dead and won’t die any time soon.

RSS reader popularity has steadily increased in the past few years as new readers were introduced into the market. Also, well-known readers such as Feedly and Inoreader, have seen high user adoption after Google reader was shut-down.

Inoreader had 19.13 million monthly visits in August.
Inoreader popularity chart
Feedly had 90.94 millions monthly visits in August
Feadly popularity chart

The problem with the state of RSS today, isn’t its popularity, but the lack of good quality RSS feeds. Majority of websites are making it harder for users to find the link to their RSS and some have stopped providing them altogether.

My co-founder and I have stumbled upon this issue when we wanted to follow blogs and publications that don’t have RSS feeds and to solve this issue, we have decided to create allows users to create RSS feeds for any website. Once a user enters the URL of a webpage, our bot collects links to relevant articles in order to generate the feed (similarly, it works for social networks).

Users can then add the generated feeds to their favorite RSS reader and the feeds will be updated automatically when new content is published.