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Send updated RSS feeds in personalized newsletters.
No coding required.

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Share Newsletters Automatically

Supercharge your newsletter by sending customized RSS feeds to your customers. allows you to turn almost any website into an RSS feed. Personalize your feed and target the right audience.

Choose to showcase your brand updates or display news from similar industries with RSS feeds. Connect your newsletters with tools like Zapier,, and IFTTT to increase your productivity and save you time. Easily create multiple email campaigns to target different audiences using one simple integration.

No coding knowledge needed! Just paste the code snippet of the RSS feed to your Mailchimp Newsletter and choose the time for the newsletter to go out. The Mailchimp and integration is the best way to get relevant content to your customers.

Use with Mailchimp to save time writing emails and spend more time growing your business.

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Target the Right Audience

Get to know your audience better by using Mailchimp’s marketing tools. Integrate this with to send your audience targeted content through emails and newsletters.

Save Time Sending Emails

With auto-updated feeds, your newsletter will show the newest posts automatically. No more spending time curating newsletters to different audiences. Spend more time growing your business!

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Simple Customizations

Customize your feed to display only the most relevant posts. Add the feed to your newsletter and send it out to your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Select the feed you want to integrate with Mailchimp by going to ‘My feeds’. Under the feed ‘Overview’, copy the XML URL and add it to your Mailchimp campaign. For a more detailed guide, check out our Mailchimp blog post.

Great question! New content will be posted every 24 hours, 30 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on the plan you subscribe to. For plan information, check out our pricing page.

Absolutely no coding is required! Integrate the RSS feed into Mailchimp by copying the XML URL into your Mailchimp campaign. That’s it!

Right here! The RSS feed URL is the XML URL located in the ‘overview’ section of your feed.