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Embed dynamic news feeds to your Drupal website

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Showcase trending news on Drupal with RSS.ap

Embed news feeds to your Drupal website using widgets from This integration is the easiest and most efficient way to add news and keep your visitors engaged.

News feeds give your website a boost by displaying auto-updated content. You can display industry news or news related to specific trends.

Add these news feeds to your Drupal website with customized widgets. Widgets can be embedded using iframe or Javascript code snippets.

Drupal, a CMS platform allows for completely customizeable websites. Add widgets from to increase you brand’s reliability.

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Dynamic News on your Drupal Website

News feeds can be added to your Drupal website to showcase the latest trends to your visitors. Increase engagement with your users by displaying related industry news.

Customizeable News Widgets

Each widget can be completely custimized according to your website theme. Change fonts, card colors, text colors and even filter out certain keywords. You can embed the widgets onto your Drupal website by choosing either iframe or Javascript code snippets.

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Intuitive and Easy Setup

There is no need for any coding since each widget updates automatically. All you need to do is copy and paste the wiidget’s code snippet into you Drupal website editor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Embedding is simple! Select the feed you want to embed by going to ‘My feeds’. Under the feed ‘Overview’, copy the XML or CSV URL and paste it into your website builder. That’s it!

Great question! New content will be posted every 24 hours, 30 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on the plan you subscribe to. For plan information, check out our pricing page.

Absolutely no coding is required! Just paste the RSS feed code snippet into your website builder! That’s it!

Some website builders will require you to subscribe to certain plans to get the “embed html’ feature. Please keep this in mind when adding feeds to a specific builder.

Yes! We offer BOTH Javascript and iFrame widgets that can be embedded into your website builder!