Add News Feeds to Your Joomla Website

Embed customized Widgets on your Joomla website without any coding.

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Embed Dynamic News Feeds to Joomla with

Create a more dynamic Joomla website with responsive widgets from Add these widgets to your wesite to showcase the latest automatically updated content.

Choose to display relevant industry news or the latest fashion or stock trends on your Joomla website. You can create a widget from almost any website and completley customize the widget to match your theme.

There is no coding knowledge needed. Just paste the widget iframe or Javascript code snippet onto your Joomla website and that’s it! The Joomla and integration is the best way to display new content on your website.

Joomla is a CMS for people who have basic website creation skills. Use to showcase customized content to your visitors.

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Add Widgets to your Joomla Website

Showcasing news on your Joomla website is great for engaging with your visitors. Keep them upfated with the most recent news related to your industry. You can add a news wall, ticker, list widget and even a magazine style widget.

Fast Auto-Updates

With automatic updates, your widget will show the newest posts automatically. Embed your widget by pasting the iframe or Javascript code snippet onto your Joomla website.

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Easy Setup and Customizations

To setup your feed, paste the URL of the news website into our RSS generator. Choose the widget style you want, copy the code snippet, and [aste it into your Joomla website editor. Customize your widget completely by changing colors, font sizes, and card styles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Carousel widget can be embedded by opening your feed and clicking on the Embed tab. Click on ‘Add To Website’ and copy the Carousel code snippet and paste it to your website. The content of the widget will be updated automatically once new posts are published.

Customize your carousel to automatically rotate posts in order of publish date by toggling the ‘Auto play’ button.

Great question! You can create news feeds or feeds of products and showcase them in your carousel.You can even combine feeds into bundles and showcase these feeds too.

Yes, we offer both Javascript and iframe code snippets of the carousel widget. They can be found in the Embed tab of your feed.