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Adding news widgets to your Squarespace website is easier than ever! With the Squarespace and integration, you can customize your own widget and paste the widget code snippet onto your website without any coding knowledge.

You can display industry news, new trends, and even videos in your widget. The easy set up will allow you to embed your widget in a matter of minutes. The dynamic widget is responsive to any screen size and updates automatically.

Squarespace lets you build your own brand. Use with Squarespace to display the latest trends and develop your customer base.

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Embed News to your Squarespace Website

You can add content to your Squarespace website using widgets. Both Iframe and Javascript widgets are available and can be customized to meet the theme of your Squarespace website. Widgets bring more content and help your customers discover new trends.

Autobatically Updated

Each widget is updated automatically on your Squarespace website. There is no need to manually update or re-create any feeds. Updates will be reflected in both and your Squarespace website.

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Easy Customizations

Choose from any widget style like news wall, list, carousel, ticker or magazine. Customize any element of your widget to fit your website’s theme. Once you are finished, just paste the code snippet onto your Squarespace website and enjoy your new auto-updated widget!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Carousel widget can be embedded by opening your feed and clicking on the Embed tab. Click on ‘Add To Website’ and copy the Carousel code snippet and paste it to your website. The content of the widget will be updated automatically once new posts are published.

Customize your carousel to automatically rotate posts in order of publish date by toggling the ‘Auto play’ button.

Great question! You can create news feeds or feeds of products and showcase them in your carousel.You can even combine feeds into bundles and showcase these feeds too.

Yes, we offer both Javascript and iframe code snippets of the carousel widget. They can be found in the Embed tab of your feed.