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Create customized responsive news feeds for your Shopify website.

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The Shopify integration allows you to showcase the latest industry news right on your website without any coding knowledge. Embed news to your landing pages or your blog. is the quickest way to generate new content and the easiest way to embed this content on your website. Displaying news widgets related to your brand helps your customers trust you and keep your brand reliable.

Widgets can be added anywhere on your Shopify website. All you need to do is copy and paste the widget code. The seamless integration provides auto updates feeds which keep your customers informed.

Shopify is an ecommerce site that allows small businesses to grow. Use with Shopify to advertise goods and expand your brand.

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Launch News to your Shopify Website

Display the latest industry news on your Wordpress website by embedding news feeds. Add dynamic content to your Wordpress website by integrating’s news widgets. With both iFrame and Javascript widgets, your options are limitless.

Self - Updating News Widgets

Once you add your news Widget to your Shopify website, it will update automatically. Newest content will be displayed first. Your newsfeed will update automatically to display the latest and most recent posts. No need to worry or manually re-create the feed.

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Intuitive Setup

To set up your widget, all you need to do is copy the URL that you want to display on your website and generate a feed from it. To embed it, select a widget style and copy the widget code snippet. Paste it on your Shopify website anywhere you want. That’s all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Carousel widget can be embedded by opening your feed and clicking on the Embed tab. Click on ‘Add To Website’ and copy the Carousel code snippet and paste it to your website. The content of the widget will be updated automatically once new posts are published.

Customize your carousel to automatically rotate posts in order of publish date by toggling the ‘Auto play’ button.

Great question! You can create news feeds or feeds of products and showcase them in your carousel.You can even combine feeds into bundles and showcase these feeds too.

Yes, we offer both Javascript and iframe code snippets of the carousel widget. They can be found in the Embed tab of your feed.