How to Filter RSS Feeds

Are you looking for RSS feed filtering capabilities? You arrived at the right place!

There are many discussions regarding whether or not RSS is dead, however RSS remains one of the most popular technologies to share published content on the web. Many popular publications such as NYTimes, BBC, and CNN are still providing RSS feeds.

While RSS feeds bring its users benefits, they also have the disadvantage of relevancy. Since there is a wide variety of content published daily, the RSS feeds are not necessarily relevant to each user. There is no easy way to subscribe to or filter only the posts you are interested in.

To address this issue we built Users can generate RSS feeds from specific web pages such as the technology section of BBC ( or the politics section of Business Insider ( This gives users the ability to only follow content they're interested in.

Keyword Filtering (Whitelist / Blacklist)

Keyword filtering is another way of filtering RSS feeds. Our whitelist or blacklist keyword filtering functionality allows users to type in any keyword and either see posts with that keyword (whitelist) or see posts that do not contain that keyword (blacklist). Content can be moderated and only relevant posts can be displayed.

RSS Keyword Filtering

Auto Hide Posts (Image / Description / Date)

Not all posts are the same. For posts that don’t have images, there is a way to filter them out of the feed. That way only the posts with images are displayed. This is especially beneficial for embedding, as the RSS feed can be displayed as a carousel or a feed with the images being the center of attention. The same applies for dates and descriptions. The filter can exclude posts that have no dates as well as posts that have no descriptions.

RSS Auto Hide Posts

If needed, there is the ability to manually moderate content by clicking on the ‘hide’ button of the individual post. If a certain post needs to be excluded in the feed, this button will be good to use instead of the filters.

RSS Hide Button

Other apps with filtering capabilities

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