How to Add Auto Updated News Feeds to Your Website

Why Add News Feeds to Your Website?

There are over 1 billion websites in the world with over half of them news websites. That means that there are a lot of sources competing for your attention. What if you can view these websites all at once? Here is where news feeds come in.

News feeds are a collection of news from multiple sources in one feed. The data is aggregated for you making viewing news more convenient. This means you can get more engaging content and monitor your competitors all in one place. 

Adding news feeds to your website will make your website more reliable, keep your visitors engaged, and your churn rate down.

How to add News Feeds to your website.

Embedding news feeds to your website is quite simple. 

1. Choose the website you want to generate a feed from. 

2. Copy and paste the website’s URL into’s Feed generator

3. Once the feed is generated, save the feed. 

4. Choose which widget style you want to embed on your website. Here I chose the magazine view. 

5. You can choose to customize the feed any way you like by adding colors, changing fonts and more. 

Make your feed even more personalized by filtering out content using keywords, whitelisting or blacklisting words and even manually hiding posts. 

6. Click Add to Website and select the Javascript or iFrame code snippet. 

7. Paste the code snippet into your HTML website and enjoy your customized news feed!

Create your news feed widget today with Sign up for a free trial! 

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