Top 10 Websites to Follow That Don’t Have RSS Feeds

Breaking news happens very fast, so it's important to stay updated and know what is going on. Browsing through news websites is inefficient and unproductive. That's why RSS feeds exist. You can follow news in one place without navigating to each website. 

Finding RSS feeds can be tricky since many websites stopped providing them. However, there’s an easy way to get the RSS feed - using

Once you know how to follow websites that don’t have RSS feeds, you can now follow the top websites that don’t provide feeds. 

Here are the top 10 websites you need to follow that don’t provide RSS feeds: 

1. Bing News

Finding content for your website is simple with Bing News RSS feeds. You can find news on topics ranging from sports, science, technology, entertainment and even local news. Add the news to your website or blog by creating customized Bing News RSS feeds. Generate your feed and customize it using advanced filters to showcase the most relevant content to your audience. 

Bing News RSS Feed

2. Yahoo News

Display news from a variety of sources with Yahoo News RSS feeds. Stay informed with the latest news from topics like politics, world news, US News, and science. Yahoo News reaches millions of people worldwide and is a great resource for staying updated. Creating Yahoo News RSS feeds is simple, just paste the URL into the RSS Feed generator and get your feed instantly. 

Yahoo News RSS Feed

3. Twitter 

With such a high volume of information coming through twitter, it is important to stay updated with the latest news. Creating RSS feeds from Twitter is simple. You can create Twitter feeds from 4 options: a feed from Twitter’s search results, a feed from a user’s feed, a feed of tweets that a user liked, and a feed of your own timeline. Just paste the username or keyword into the designated option and your Twitter RSS feed will be generated. 

Twitter RSS Feed

4. Pinterest 

Get inspiration quickly by generating an RSS feed from Pinterest. See your favorite recipes and decorations on display. Paste the URL of your favorite Pinterest board into the Pinterest RSS feed generator and start keeping up with new posts as they get published. You can add the feed to your website using our customizable card style widgets that fit your website aesthetic. 

Pinterest RSS Feed

5. NPR 

NPR is great for keeping up with the latest news and events. They also have podcasts and their own radio station. Create your own custom NPR RSS feed by pasting the URL of the news topic you want into the feed generator. You can filter out the RSS feed to include only the topics you wish to follow. 


6. Vogue

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends and celebrity styles, Vogue RSS feeds are the way to go. Vogue is a widely popular fashion and lifestyle magazine that brings trends to a variety of audiences. You can create a feed from topics like fashion, beauty, and culture. The feed will be automatically updated to show you the latest content. If you have a business or run a blog, these feeds are great for monitoring your competitors and showcasing them on your blog. 

Vogue RSS Feed

7. Town and Country Magazine

Finding luxury home decor and inspiration is simple with Town and Country Magazine RSS feeds. Stay informed with the latest updates on all things style and leisure. After the feed is generated, share it on your website for your audience to see. Use RSS widgets to embed the feed or paste the xml to your favorite RSS reader. 

Town and Country Magazine RSS Feed

8. Futurism 

Staying informed with the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations is something everyone should be doing. The Futurism RSS feed helps you do just that by showcasing auto-updated content. You get curated news every day that can be shared with your team or your audience. 

Futurism RSS Feed

9. YouTube 

One of the most popular video sharing platforms, YouTube is a must to follow. There are 1 billion + videos watched every day and new content is constantly being created. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the most trending and viral videos. By creating YouTube RSS feeds, you can easily follow your favorite content creators and watch videos right when they get published. You can even embed YouTube playlists on your website to share with your audience. 

YouTube RSS Feed

10. CoinDesk 

With so much hype on cryptocurrency, you definitely want to stay in the loop by following CoinDesk. With Crypto markets constantly fluctuating, you can stay informed by generating a CoinDesk RSS feed. Follow topics such as markets, business, tech and policy. You can embed the RSS feeds to your blog or add them to your beloved RSS reader. 

CoinDesk RSS Feed

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