Top Sports Websites to Create RSS Feeds From

Sports news is one of the most popular topics in the world. The majority of people watch games and read news online about different sports teams. Here are 6 popular websites that will keep you up to date with the latest news about your sport of choice. 


The most well-known website for finding sports news and live coverage of scores is ESPN. They cover a wide range of sports teams and display the latest news. 



To find information on college sports, 247sports is the place to go. American football and basketball are the main focus of this site. View stats, scores, and recruiting news.  Add the website to your RSS feed to know what’s happening in college sports and its rising stars.

247 Sports RSS feed

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports launched almost 23 years ago and is still one of the most popular places to get sports information. There’s content on most North American major sports teams and even fantasy football. You can generate an RSS feed from the homepage with general news or pick a specific sporting category.

Yahoo Sports RSS feed

NBC Sports

The sports section of NBC offers more non-traditional sports than the other listed websites. You can browse news from categories such as the Olympics, dog shows, NASCAR, rugby, and women’s sports. Create an RSS feed from the top news and even video clips from the NBC Sports homepage using

NBC Sports RSS feed

CBS Sports

Similar to NBC Sports, CBS sports covers similar categories. Get the latest news, in-depth analysis, statistics, and player information for many different sporting categories. It is a great source to find team and player stats, see the rankings, and gather data for analysis. Follow the news on CBS Sports in your RSS feed for recent player standings and sports insights.

CBS Sports RSS feed

BBC Sports

BBC Sports is the UK’s largest and most visited sports website. It is a must-have source if you’re looking for European sports news such as soccer, formula 1, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, and cycling. You can generate an RSS feed from the homepage to get top news or from specific sports categories.

BBC Sports RSS feed

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