How to Add a News Ticker to Your Website

Looking to add a responsive news ticker to your website? You’ve come to the right place! 

What Is a News Ticker? 

A news ticker is a scrollable display of news across a website or television. It is used to display news headlines, stock prices, sports highlights, scores and statistics, and breaking news.’s news ticker is dynamic and designed to fit any screen on any device. Headlines displayed on the news ticker are clickable and navigate users to the source post. News ticker widgets can be added anywhere on your website and will display the most relevant and up to date headlines. 

Types of News Tickers: 

There are tons of news tickers you can add to your website. Here are just a few popular topics our users created their News Ticker from: 

  • Google News Ticker 

If you want to stay relevant, you need to add Google News to your website. News are published frequently so you will always have the latest information.

  • Business News Ticker 

Access the most relevant business news and stay current in your field. Add these popular business news sources to your websites and share them with your audience.

  • Tech News Ticker 

Technology is a booming industry which is why it’s super important to keep up with the latest news and trends. Here are some popular technology websites to stay updated with

  • Sports News Ticker 

One of the top popular topics in the United States, sports news dominates current events. Here are the top sports websites to create news feeds from. 

  • Cryptocurrency News Ticker 

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, everyone is interested in staying current and in the loop. Here are a few popular websites to generate crypto news from.

  • Finance News Ticker 

Reading financial news is a must for industry leaders and professionals. Add these top finance news to your website and share them with your audience. 

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Where Can I Add a News Ticker? 

A news ticker can be added to any HTML website or blog. Websites such as Wordpress, Shopify, and Wix are great platforms for adding news tickers. You can also add a news ticker to any digital signage platform that has RSS integrations. Platforms like ScreenCloud, Yodeck, and Enplug are just a few that provide this integration. More integrations can be found here

Here’s How to Add a News Ticker to Your HTML Website: 

Step 1: Go to and click Get Started Now

Step 2: Paste the URL of the source you want to generate a feed from and click Generate 

*Alternatively, you can go to the Topics section and create a RSS feed from a specific topic 

Step 3: Navigate to the Widgets section and select the Ticker widget 

Step 4: Customize the ticker widget to fit your website style by clicking on the Customize option

Step 5: Click Add To Website and copy the Javascript or iFrame code snippet 

Step 6: Paste the code snippet to your HTML website 

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That’s it! The news ticker widget is now on your website. It will update automatically when new posts are published. If you decide to edit the widget in, the new changes will be automatically applied to the widget on your webpage. 

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