New Sorting Feed Options

We received many requests to sort feeds and bundles. We added the opportunity to sort by article date, last added to feed, and random sort. Here is how sorting works.

new feed sorting options

Sort by Article Date

Sorting by article date means the posts in your feed are going to appear in order of the date the article was published. Apply this option if you want the newest articles to be at the top of your feed.

sort posts by article date

Sort by Last Added to Feed

This option is best for users who want to sort bundles. The posts in your bundle will be sorted in the order they were added to the feed. For example, if CNN was the last site you added to your bundle, the latest posts from CNN will be at the top of your feed.

sort posts by last added

Random Sort

If you want your feed to display random posts, click on the random option. Random sorting is useful when embedding widgets on your website. It can provide the effect of fresh new content by randomizing the posts every time someone visits your site. 

random post sorting

All of these options are available on the Filters page in your account. Sign in here to start sorting your feeds!

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