Top 5 Best Widgets for Your Website

There are over 1 billion websites in the world. To get your website to stand out, you need to increase website traffic and engage with your visitors. That's where widgets come in! Use widgets to help you boost content and automate your work. 

What is a widget?

A widget is a component that adds functionality to your website. Widgets are embedded into your website by copy and pasting the provided code. They are great for showcasing important information such as news and weather to your website’s visitors. 

Widgets help to improve the aesthetic of websites and the overall functionality. The most useful widgets will add value and features to boost user engagement.

Here are the top 5 widgets you need to add to your website ASAP!

1. Marketing and News -

Feeds help promote the product you are selling by increasing user engagement. You can showcase the latest product or industry news in your feed and have visitors interact with this content. provides news, carousel, ticker, and list widgets that are easily embeddable on your website. Just copy the code snippet and paste it to your HTML website. The widgets are auto updated and fully customizable. 

2. Customer Support - Crisp 

Improving customer support is one of the ways you can get more clients. Live chat increases conversion rates and improves customer satisfaction. One of the most straightforward live chat widgets out there is Crisp. With it’s clean design and many integrations, this widget is great for ecommerce businesses. 

3. Email Signups - Mailchimp 

Sending out emails and growing your email list is a top priority for all businesses. One of the most widely used services for email marketing is Mailchimp. Their sign up form is a great widget to embed into your website. This form collects emails from your visitors where you can send them product updates and latest company news. Just copy and paste their code snippet into your website’s HTML wherever you want the widget to appear. 

4. Social Sharing Buttons - AddThis

Sharing content is how you get the word out there about your products. Including social sharing buttons encourages visitors who land on your website to easily share your posts. AddThis is a free tool that lets you add more than 200 social buttons anywhere on your webpage. This widget is mobile friendly and can be fully customized which allows for a seamless integration with your website’s design. 

5. Analytics - Eclincher

Knowing how many people visit your website daily is very important for any business. Eclincher helps track and analyze real time website traffic in one dashboard. This all in one platform can even help you auto post content to social media networks and website pages. It is a good tool for any business and agency. 

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