News Ticker Widget: New Release

Our new Ticker widget was just released! 


Ticker Widget Features: 

The Ticker widget consists of news headlines that can be customized to scroll left or right. You can change the fonts of the headlines, and the colors of both the background and the titles. We included an option to change how fast the headlines scroll and how many titles you can choose to display. Clicking on the headline will bring you directly to the post. 

Custom presets allow you to quickly customize your widget or you can choose to design it from scratch. You can also decide to display the source and time of the posts or leave them out. The dynamic design fits both the desktop and mobile, which gives your website a wider reach of visitors. Once changes are made to the ticker widget, they will be automatically updated on your website. 

Who Needs a Ticker Widget? 

Ticker widgets are great for displaying titles and headlines. If you have a news website, you can display stock news, sports news, crypto news, Google news, and more industry topics. Even if you have an ecommerce website, you can display product news and updates right on your home page.

How Do I Use the Ticker Widget?

To use the ticker widget, copy and paste the URL of the feed you want to embed on your website. 

The ticker will be auto-updated once new content is published. 

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