How to Create RSS Widgets

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to create an RSS widget, which will fill your website with relevant content and boost your SEO. 

Create an RSS Feed

If you already generated the feed you can skip to Customize Widget

Sign in to your account and click on + Create new feed

Create new RSS Feed

Enter the website URL that you want to get posts from and click on Generate.  

Generate RSS feed from any website

Check the feed preview and click Save to my feeds. You will be redirected to the Overview page.

Save RSS feed

Customize Widget

On the feed Overview page, click on the Embed tab and you’ll find your RSS widget below.

Embed settings

Choose how you want the widget to look like by selecting its layout. You will be able to preview it below. To customize the widget, click the Customize widget button. 

Customize widget button

Set colors, fonts, and sizes to fit with your website design. 

Customize the look of RSS widget

As you change parameters, you can see the result on the left side. 

Customized widget

Now you are ready to embed your widget. Copy the widget code by clicking on </> Copy code, and copy it to your website.

Copy RSS widget code

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