Top 5 Cool HTML Widgets For Your Website

Widgets are small bits of code that add functionality to a website. Widgets don't require any coding skills and are great tools to add to any website. They can be customized to fit your website design and are auto-updated so you don't need to worry about constantly updating the widget. There are tons of widgets out there for many types of applications. Here at, we compiled a list of the top 5 coolest HTML widgets for your website. 

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Here Are Top 5 Cool HTML Widgets for Your Website:

1. News Wall Widget

The RSS News Wall widget is perfect for displaying multiple posts in one place. This widget is super cool because you can showcase content from multiple sources and display the most relevant industry news. The news wall can be customized to fit your specific website. You can change fonts, text color and size, and even curate the widget to show posts with specific keywords. It’s a great way for curating news and social media posts. 

2. Imageboard Widget

The coolest thing about the RSS imageboard widget is the images it displays. You can choose one of 15 layouts to showcase your widget. It’s great for collecting posts with your favorite images and showcasing them to your audience. Customize the imageboard widget to display text in various colors, change the title of the widget and edit the font height. You can even view the post’s description by hovering over the card. 

3. News Ticker Widget 

The RSS news ticker widget displays cool headlines and is used to show the latest news and posts. The dynamic ticker widget is not only great for displaying stocks, but also showcasing breaking news and scrollable blog posts. With, you have the ability to customize the news ticker by changing the colors, speed of the scroll, and even the direction of the scroll. 

4. Carousel Widget

What’s cooler than rotating interactive content? The RSS carousel widget is great for adding responsive content to your website that is sure to impress your audience. Users can interact with the widget which will maximize the time spent on your website and boost conversion rates. Display rotating news or social media posts to attract your visitors. Style the carousel widget to fit your website’s aesthetic. Absolutely no coding is needed to do this! 

5. News Feed Widget

Add an auto-updated RSS news feed widget to your website to keep your audience updated on the latest trends and industry news. The scrollable news feed lets you display titles, images, and a short description of the post. You can personalize the content shown on the widget and always get the newest posts at the top of the feed. The news feed widget can be added to any HTML website or blog such as Wordpress or Wix

Here’s How to Add the HTML Widgets to Your Website: 

1. Go to and enter the URL you would like to turn into a widget. Click ‘Generate’. 

2. Save the feed by clicking ‘Save to my feeds’.

3. Click on the ‘Widgets’ tab. 

4. Select the HTML widget you would like to add to your website. 

5. Click ‘Customize’ to personalize your widget. 

6. When you are finished, click ‘Add to website’ and select either the Javascript or iFrame code snippet. 

7. Copy the code snippet and paste the HTML widget on your website. 

Try today to add your widget to your favorite website builder without any coding. Integrate your widget with Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and more RSS website integrations.

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