How to Embed RSS Widgets into WordPress

Embedding RSS widgets brings content and reliability to your website. Follow this guide on how to embed RSS widgets to WordPress. 

Please note, that Javascript and iframe widgets are available only if you have a WordPress Business plan. 

1. Select the layout of the widget you want to embed. 

2. Copy the generated Javascript or iframe code snippet. 

3. Go to your WordPress admin panel, click on Pages and edit the desired page.

4. Click on the Add block button and select Custom HTML from the widgets section.

5. The element will appear on your page. Paste your widget code from step 2 into the frame.

6. Click Preview to see how it looks.

7. You can move the widget anywhere on your page by dragging it to the desired location. 

8. Click Update to finalize your changes. 

The widget is now embedded into your WordPress website. If you change the widget in (colors, fonts, headline, etc.), your feed will automatically update on your Wordpress website. You don't need to make changes to the embed code. 


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