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Change Detection

Why Choose Change Detection?

  • Feed Control

    Feed Control

    Directly tailor your news feed with your chosen sources and topics for a personalized experience

  • Content Curation

    Content Curation

    Handpick and organize articles to create filters that align with your specific interests

  • Unified Tool

    Unified Tool

    Offers a one-stop solution for reading, organizing, and sharing content efficiently using filters

Filter RSS Feed

Enhance and streamline your news interface with customizable filter options designed for efficiency and relevance

Ease of Using RSS Filters

Easy Setup

Easy Setup


The intuitive interface allows for quick creation and editing of filters

Instant Preview

Instant Preview

Instant Preview


Instant Preview

See changes in real-time without leaving the settings




Save and apply favorite filters effortlessly at any time

Benefits of Using RSS Filters

  • Content Personalization

    Content Personalization

    Tailor your news feed to your interests and needs

  • Improved UX

    Improved UX

    Navigate your feed more comfortably with the exclusion of unwanted content

  • Time-Saving


    Find the information you need faster, without excess clutter

  • Reduced Information Noise

    Reduced Information Noise

    Focus solely on what is most important to you every day

  • Automatic Updates

    Automatic Updates

    Focus solely on what is most important to you every day

  • Flexible Settings

    Flexible Settings

    Customizable rules tailored to fit any and all of your specific needs

When Can You Use Filters

  • Reading News

    Reading News

    Stay informed only about the news that matches your profession or hobby

  • Brand Monitoring

    Brand Monitoring

    Keep track of mentions of your brand or analyze competitors' activities

  • Market Research

    Market Research

    Receive the latest data on industries and trends you are interested in

  • Reputation Management

    Reputation Management

    Monitor how your company is perceived in the news and on social media

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