How to Add News Feeds to Your WordPress Website

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business, or a large company, adding content to your website is very important. That’s where news feeds come in. Showcasing news feeds on your WordPress website shows your audience that you keep up with industry trends and your website is reliable. 

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What Is a News Feed?

News feeds are used to display content on a webpage. News feeds keep information all in one place so you don’t need to constantly navigate to different sources for content. A news feed automatically updates when new posts are published and always shows the newest content at the top. makes adding a newsfeed to your WordPress website super simple and you don't even need to do any coding! 

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Here's How to Add News to Your WordPress Website: 

Step 1: Choose a website you want to display on your WordPress website (ex. Real Estate News)

Step 2: Paste the website URL into’s RSS feed generator. Click Generate

Step 3: Save the feed by clicking Save to my feeds.

Step 4: Click on Widgets and select the widget you want to add to your website. 

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Step 5: Customize your news feed according to your website style  

Step 6: Click Add To Website and choose either the Javascript or iFrame code snippet

Step 7: Add the code snippet to your WordPress website.

Click + and scroll to the Custom HTML block.

That’s it! Your news feed is now on your WordPress website where you will see new content directly in your widget. The widget will automatically get updated as new content is published. 


Check out's blog for more ideas on how to use RSS feeds and top websites to follow that don’t have RSS feeds.

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