How to Add RSS Feeds to Your Joomla Website

Staying informed and updated on the latest trends and news is a necessity. Especially since there is such an abundance of information being published every day. The easiest way to keep up is by following sources you trust with RSS feeds

RSS is a more streamlined approach to gathering information that can be shared with customers, and teams. RSS feeds are great for providing automatically updated content to your website without navigating to each source. These feeds can be added to websites like Wordpress, Wix, and Joomla or shared in places like Slack, Mailchimp, and more.

Joomla provides a more advanced system to manage your website and allows you to completely customize each website component. Add RSS feeds to your Joomla website to encourage visitors to subscribe to your content and stay updated on the latest posts. 

Create a RSS Feed 

1. Go to and click Get Started Now 

2. Paste the URL of the source you want to generate a feed from and click Generate 

*Alternatively, you can go to the Topics section and create a RSS feed from a specific topic 

3. Copy the XML of the generated feed. You will need this for the next steps 

Here’s the feed I will use:

Here’s how to add simple RSS feeds to your Joomla website: 

*This requires 2 parts: adding the feed to Joomla, then displaying the feed on the front page of your website 

Part 1: Add the RSS feed to Joomla: 

1. Log into your Joomla website 

2. From the dashboard, navigate to Components, then News feeds, and select Feeds. Click +New 

3. Choose a Title for the feed, add the RSS link (XML) from Click Save and Close 

Part 2: Display the RSS feed on your website 

1. From the dashboard, navigate to Menus, then All Menu Items. Click +New 

2. Choose a Title, select the Menu Item Type, choose News Feeds, select Single News Feed 

3. Select the feed you want to be displayed on your website (from part 1). 

*You can also add a feed directly here by clicking on +Create and following the steps from part 1 above. 

4. Under the Menu, select Main Menu 

5. Click Save and Close 

That’s it! Now you can go and view the feed on your website. 

Your RSS feed will be displayed in a list view similar to this one. Choose your own template style that matches your website and the feed will adapt to that style. 

The RSS feed will auto-update as new posts get published, so you will always have the latest content on your Joomla website. 

To create your own RSS feed, sign up for free at and start adding news feeds to your Joomla website. Want to learn more about RSS feeds? Check out our Ultimate Guide to RSS Feeds and while you’re there, take a look at our blog

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