The Ultimate Guide to RSS Feeds in 2022

RSS is an easy way to keep up with content from many different websites. You can monitor content from news websites, social media posts, podcasts, and blogs. With RSS feeds, you don't need to manually navigate to every website or blog, you can just get the content in one platform. RSS feeds are great for saving time and promoting productivity. 

What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ or ‘Rich Site Summary’. An RSS feed is formatted as an XML file that automatically updates when new content is published. It consists of items like the title, link, description, image, author, and date.

What is an RSS reader? 

To make the RSS feed readable, you need a RSS reader that can read the XML file and convert it to an actual feed. An RSS reader is an app like Feedly that allows you to view and read full articles from your feed. 

Do I need an RSS reader?

You don’t need a RSS Reader to view your feed. Instead, you can embed your RSS feed to your website or blog and showcase the content to your audience. You can even add the feed to applications like Slack, Zapier, and Microsoft Teams and share posts with your team.

Where do I find the RSS feed URL? 

Some websites provide a RSS feed as an orange icon and have the text ‘RSS Feed’ next to it. Other times, you would need to add ‘/rss’ to the end of the website URL. You can also go to the website’s source code and search for the keyword ‘rss’. These tricks might not always work, and going to the source code can be quite complicated. Not every website will provide an RSS feed

The easiest way to get your free RSS feed is to use There’s absolutely no coding required.

All you need to do is: 

1.  Paste the website URL into the RSS feed generator 

2. Click ‘generate’ 

3. Get your free RSS feed 

Can I filter RSS feeds? 

Yes, RSS feeds can be filtered! Filtering RSS feeds provides you with content that is relevant to you. You can control what to display in the feed and what to filter out with whitelist and blacklist filters, or auto-hiding certain posts. You can also filter the posts by date or show random posts. Here is a great post on how to filter RSS feeds

Can I combine multiple RSS feeds together? 

Yes! Combining RSS feeds into one is super easy! When you log in to, you will see the ‘Bundles’ option on the left side bar. This feature allows you to combine multiple RSS feeds into one superfeed. Bundling your RSS feeds together saves you time consuming the feed. Now you can see posts from multiple sources in one place without needing to navigate to multiple websites.

All you need to do to combine your feeds is:

1. Create a title for your bundle

2. Add the feeds 

How can I use RSS feeds?

There are so many great uses for your RSS feeds. You can use them to:

RSS feeds are a more streamlined way of getting content. With RSS feeds, you’re not flooded with irrelevant information and you can view specific posts that interest you. You save a lot of time scrolling through content.  

To learn more about RSS feeds, check out our blog. Want to create your own RSS feed? Try for free today!

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