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Why Google News HTML Widget?

  • Simplicity


    Our application offers an intuitive interface, making creating and customizing widgets an effortless task within this application environment

  • Flexibility


    You have the capability to create news widgets spanning diverse topics and sources, ensuring their utmost relevance to your specific audience's interests

  • Free Usage

    Free Usage

    We offer a complimentary plan that enables you to start using without incurring any expenses within this application

What Benefits Do Users Get?

  • Current Information

    Current Information

    Users gain access to up-to-date news that is regularly updated, helping them stay informed about the latest events and trends

  • Personalization


    The widget allows users to select topics or keywords that interest them, making the content more relevant to their interests

  • Convenience and Accessibility

    Convenience and Accessibility

    News is available directly on your website or within your app, providing convenience and saving users' time by eliminating the need to switch to other sources

  • Variety of Sources

    Variety of Sources

    The widget aggregates news from various sources, allowing users to obtain information from different perspectives and sources

  • Interactivity


    Some widgets may offer interactive features such as comments, ratings, and the ability to share news on social media, enabling users to engage with the content

  • Improving User Experience

    Improving User Experience

    Implementing a news widget can improve the overall user experience on your website or within your app, making it more informative and engaging

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How to Create a Widget with

Create a new feed

Create a new feed


Start by creating a new Google News Feed for the latest updates

Choose widget

Choose widget

Choose widget


Choose widget

Choose the widget that best fits your needs and copy the code

Insert the code

Insert the code


Paste the copied widget code on your website or in your app

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Where Can You Use Google News RSS Widgets?

  • Website Owners

    Website Owners

    Automate the display of content such as product listings, testimonials, or industry news to keep your site fresh

  • Bloggers


    Automatically syndicate relevant content from like-minded blogs or news sources, keeping your audience informed

  • Educational Institutes

    Educational Institutes

    Keep students and faculty updated with the latest news, schedules, and announcements

  • Media Agencies

    Media Agencies

    Aggregate content from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of current events

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