How to Combine RSS Feeds Into One Feed

There is so much content on the internet that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information overload. That’s where RSS feeds come in. They are a way to monitor websites without having to navigate to each source individually. The great thing about RSS feeds is that they provide auto updated content thereby saving you a lot of time scrolling through each source.  

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What if I Follow More than 1 News Source?  

These days it's highly unlikely that someone follows only one website. Information is written to be consumed and following multiple websites is how you stay updated with relevant trends and industry news. To follow more than one source, you can combine your RSS feeds into one feed. provides an easy way to combine your feeds: Bundles. Bundle all of your feeds into one super feed and easily follow all of your favorite websites. Bundles provide more access to posts and provide the option to filter the feed for a more customized experience. 

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What Type of Websites Can I Create RSS Feeds from? 

You can create RSS feeds from sources such as Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News, NPR, and CNN. You can even create feeds from Pinterest, Reddit, and Telegram. Check out our list of more RSS feed websites

To get the best use out of your bundles, combine relevant sources together. For example, if I want to keep up with news related to sustainability, I will create feeds from various websites that discuss this topic. I can also create feeds from social media such as Twitter and Instagram. I will then combine them into one ‘Sustainability Feed’ that will automatically update when new posts are published. 

How to Combine Your RSS Feeds Into 1 Feed: 

1. Create RSS feeds from your favorite sources

2. After you create your feeds, go to the Bundles section and click Create new bundle 

3. Add a title to your bundle 

4. Select the feeds you want to add to your bundle from the drop down. Click Create 

That’s it! You can now filter your bundle to get the most customized feed. Add your bundle to your HTML website or blog by copying the JS or iFrame code snippet. You can even integrate your bundle with productivity apps like Slack, IFTT, and MS Teams

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Check out's blog for more ideas on how to use RSS feeds and RSS widgets

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