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Targeted news directly to your teams inbox. No coding required.

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Easily Share News Updates with Your Team

Share news from multiple sources with responsive RSS feeds from Add news feeds to your channels and showcase the latest automatically updated content.

Automating news has never been easier. Keep everyone informed with targeted news to specific teams. Using tools like Feedly, and Zapier gives you more power to share content automatically in all of your channels. Stay connected from any app.

There is no coding required! Just paste the RSS code snippet into your RSS Connector and choose how frequently you want to receive the posts. That’s it! The Microsoft Teams and integration is the easiest way to share news with your team.

Microsoft Teams makes sharing content simple. Use to update your team members on the latest RSS news feeds.

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Stay Updated in Multiple Channel

Configure your RSS feed for each channel in Microsoft Teams to keep everyone updated. Every team member will be able to see customized posts. Simplify your workflow by keeping everyone on the same page.

New Posts Daily

Feeds update automatically, so you will never miss out on important posts. As the feed updates in, your RSS connector in Microsoft teams gets triggered to update your feed based on the refresh frequency you select.

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No Coding Necessary

Setting up your feed is easy! After your RSS feed is generated, just paste the RSS code snippet into your designated Microsoft Teams channel and thats it! Your team will be able to read and stay informed of specially curated news.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Select the feed you want to integrate with Microsoft Teams by going to ‘My feeds’. Under the feed ‘Overview’, copy the XML URL and add it to your Microsoft Teams channel. For a more detailed guide, check out our Microsoft Teams blog post.

Great question! New content will be posted every 24 hours, 30 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on the plan you subscribe to. For plan information, check out our pricing page.

Absolutely no coding is required! Integrate the RSS feed into Microsoft Teams by copying the XML URL into your Microsoft Teams campaign. That’s it!

Right here! The RSS feed URL is the XML URL located in the ‘overview’ section of your feed.