How to Get News Content for Your Nonprofit Organization

We are now in the digital age where content is key 🔑 for nearly any organization in any industry. Having content builds trust with your audience and shows that you are a reliable organization.  

Non-profit organizations especially need content. According to The NonProfit Times, there are almost 2 million nonprofits registered in the United States! These organizations depend on donors and retaining donors calls for quality content. You need to give donors something that they will find useful so that they can better support your cause. 

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How can nonprofits get quality content? 

Trends and news are always changing, which means you must stay updated with current events. This can be done by following top websites that relate to your industry. Fortunately, there is something called RSS that can do this for you and automate the process of updating your news. 

What is RSS?

RSS is a text file that contains updated information. When you input this file on your website or in your RSS reader, your files get converted into a feed of posts. This feed keeps you informed every day. RSS can be used by nonprofits to showcase trends and news in their respective industries.

Here are 5 nonprofits that can use quality content

1. World Wildlife Fund 

The World Wildlife Fund advocates for conserving natural resources such as wildlife, and the environment. They are trying to educate us on how to save animals and simultaneously, the planet. 

How can they use RSS feeds?

Content is how the WWF showcasaes how important their cause is. They can display news from their own blog, and wildlife news from different countries. They can also show what people are saying about them on various social media platforms, and highlight important videos that support their mission. 

2. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

This organization provides resources to patients who have cancer and their families. They also feature clinical trials and provide news on the latest research and innovations in this field. 

How can they use RSS feeds?

Although the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a huge organization, content is still important. They can organize a News Wall that highlights cool research for patients to browse through. They can also showcase cancer news from other organizations. This can help keep donors informed on new research and innovations.

Here is an example of what their feed can look like. This is the magazine style widget.

3. Doctors Without Borders 

Doctors without Borders provides medical personnel, and medical supplies to areas of the world where they are needed the most. Usually, it’s to areas of the world with low access to these resources.

How can they use RSS feeds?

They can showcase news related to health disparities around the world. They can display the latest news of specific countries. When doctors and other medical personnel travel, they will know what to expect based on local news. Posts of the newest medical advances and innovations can be created and donors will be kept up to date on the latest technologies. 

4. Habitat For Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity has many local branches in the U.S. They depend on donations to buy supplies to build houses for people in need. 

How can they use RSS feeds?

Habitat for Humanity can use feeds by showcasing the latest houses they built from their social media accounts. They can also showcase architecture trends, housing market news, and blogs discussing financial tips. By displaying a feed like this on their website, they can educate individuals on how to become homeowners and manage their finances. 

5. SPCA International 

The SPCA is an international organization that rescues animals around the world, and educates individuals on animal welfare. 

How can they use RSS feeds? 

The SPCA can use feeds to post a news wall on their website. They can display news about animals, showcase the newest adoption listings, and add news related to animal welfare. The SPCA can benefit from a more modern widget style that showcases images instead of text. More dynamic content can help visitors better engage with the content and learn more about the organization.

Why Should YOU Use RSS Feeds to Get Your Content? 

If you are a nonprofit organization, RSS feeds will greatly benefit you. Your feeds can consist of news, your social media accounts, and even trends related to your industry. They will bring dynamic quality content that can be customized and filtered. The interactive widgets are a great way to get donors to engage with your website and learn more about your organization. You can showcase specific posts using Collections or Bundle websites together to get the most out of your widgets. 

Here are the steps to getting your content:

A. Sign in to your account. 

B. Go to New Feed

C. Enter the URL of the source you want to generate your feed from and click 

D. Click Save to my feeds

That’s it! Your feed is now saved and you can go ahead and customize it however you’d like. 

Once you are done customizing, you can add the feed to your website by pasting the raw code snippet or embed the code using a widget layout on your website. 

Sign up today to create your free feed and customize your widget! No credit card or coding knowledge required 🎉! 

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